That’s how Patagonia was described by the explorers who arrived here almost 500 years ago. Little has changed to this day. Come and discover a truly unspoiled wilderness of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes.

Live and breathe Patagonia’s ranching history and the gaucho lifestyle as you discover the far-flung cities and pioneer towns in these cinematic landscapes. Rent a car or climb on a bike to travel down the Southern Highway (Carretera Austral) and get ready to be blown away by northern Patagonia at its very best!

If trekking is your passion, then head for the Torres del Paine National Park to experience truly magnificent forests, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and stunning views of the Southern Ice Fields.

For a real once-in-a-lifetime adventure, explore the southernmost extreme of the American continent, navigating through countless sea fjords and channels and crossing the famous Straits of Magellan before setting sail for Antarctica.

Marvel at the imposing millennial glaciers (of which there are hundreds) and experience close encounters with dolphins, penguins and killer whales. Make Cape Horn – the southernmost tip of the continent – your destination, or continue by sea to Antarctica – truly a scientific and ecological treasure.

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Best Seasons:From October to April
Popular Location:Southern Highway, Puerto Natales, Puerto William, Punta Arena & Torres del Paine

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Truly unspoiled wilderness of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes