Wine cellars and Vineyards + Aconcagua

The perfect combination to enjoy the pleasures of life and adventurous activities.
The incredible height of the Aconcagua Mountain, the torrential rivers, the skiing centers, the surprising shapes of rocks in Valle de la Luna, and the worldwide known “Bodegas” (wine cellars) make up the open door towards the most diverse and interesting possibilities that this region offers.

Perfect combination either for those who are looking for enjoying the pleasures of life or those who love adventure.


- Wineries

We offer you the chance of savoring the delights of our excellent wines and also of discovering their peculiarities through interesting tasting and courses.
We put at your disposal visits to famous wine cellars worldwide known, as well as new activities taking part in the process of wine elaboration, including the option of staying in nice lodges surrounded by vineyards.

- Cerro Aconcagua (6.959mts)

You can enjoy trips which will get you to this representative hill in Los Andes Mountain Range. For those who are more energetic people, we propose walking tracks plus camping, to feel more intensely the contact with the highest hill in America.

- Mendoza City

This is one of the most picturesque cities in Argentina, with its typical treelined streets and wide pavements, parks and irrigation channels.
Cañon del Atuel, San Rafael To the south of Mendoza city in Valle Grande, you will be welcomed with
entertaining alternatives within the Andean ecosystem, ideal to go in for adventure: rafting, kayak, cycling, and windsurfing are just some examples of them.

- Las Leñas Ski Resort

Are you interested in skiing? An excellent option is this place, Las Leñas, located in the south of the city of Mendoza. We will be very pleased to show you its wonderful ski runs and comfortable lodging.

- Talampaya National Park

This destiny, along with Ischigualasto, has been declared mankind heritage by UNESCO. Come and enjoy organized circuits by van, long walks and bicycle rides, traveling through interesting archaeological and paleontologist fields that the park offers to visitors; all surrounded by an extraordinary landscape.

- Provincial Park Ischigualasto: Moon Valley

Having its origin in the Triassic Age, this park gave shelter to the most primitive dinosaurs. You are invited to travel through a unique, magic and dreamlike landscape which was the result of thousand years of erosion; also daily walks and, why not, during fantastic full moon nights.

- Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, San Luis.

Interesting archaeological and paleontologist fields can be visited while going for walks with well-trained guides.

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Best Seasons:All year long
Popular Location:Mendoza, Vineyards, Aconcagua Hill, Moon Valley

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The perfect combination to enjoy the pleasures of life and adventurous activities.