The term puna has Quechua origin and means "high region".

Tolar Grande

This region will show us Salar of Arizaro´s inmensity, and inmediatly one of the most amazing views of the Andean range, with Llullaillaco and Socompa volcanoes highlighting. Visit a Dead Man’s Cave, Arizaro Salt Flat, Arita Cone, Dunes and Ojo de Mar.

Antofalla Salt flat

The Antofalla Salt flat and its town lost in time where there are only 40 people living. This salt flat amazes you for its beautiful landscape. Antofagasta de la Sierra and El Peñon. This region is known for it´s volcanic activity allowing us to appreciate some of them. It´s also the place with the highest concentration of vicuñas in the country.

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Best Seasons:From April to November
Popular Location:Tolar Grande and Angofagasta de la Sierra

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