Southern Islands

The fjords and islands of the far south of Chile and Argentina are as about as remote as you can get.

Punta Arenas, easily the largest and most important town and focal point of the region, where most visitors arrive to explore the Patagonian wilderness.

Ushuaia, also known as the southernmost city in the world or the gateway to the end of the world.

South of the Beagle Channel the wild beauty of Navarino island hosts the continent’s most southerly settlement, Puerto Williams, and hundreds of archaeological sites pertaining to the original Yamaná Indians.

Beyond lies, Cape Horn, lashed by storms and savage seas, and the most southerly landmark before Antarctica.

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Best Seasons:November to March
Popular Location:Cape Horne, Wulaia Bay, Beagle Channel, Fuegian Archipelago, Strait of Magellan, Magdalena Island