The Iguazú Falls, the purity of the Iberá and the cultural richness of the Jesuitical Missions are just some of the reasons why you should not avoid visiting and discovering this incomparable area of Great Waters and red lands. Sounds, images, fragrances and colours stimulate your senses, allowing you to have unforgettable experiences within a scenery unique in the world, Mankind Heritage.

Iguazú Water Falls

New 7 Wonders of nature Mankind Heritage: Not-to-be missed! It is impossible to describe the immensity of the landscape and the deep feelings its diverse make arise.
Fell the chance to be in touch with this miracle of nature and make use of navigations to enjoy and experiment the strength of Aguas Grandes more closely.

Iberá Wetlands

Come with us to this unique place in the world, where we offer you navigations and strolls during which you will be in touch with the autochthonous fauna: alligators, “carpincho”, deer of the marshes, boas and anacondas in their natural habitat, all made up by a virgin and rich flora. Ideal scenery for those who love wild life and fauna.

Misiones Forest

Intense colours of red land and deep green. We suggest navigations, strolls, rides in 4x4 and enjoyable circuits to know and experience the purity of the forest and the intensity of its colours. We can even arrange for you an interesting stay in an excellent lodge among virgin scenery, which will allow you to have a much stronger experience interacting with this fabulous area.

Moconá Falls

Uruguay River makes cascades of incredible beauty throughout 3km, with falls of 5 to 12mt high. You are invited to enjoy entertaining navigations in contact with an interesting and still virgin fauna and flora.

Jesuitic Ruins and Mines
In the very heart of the rainforest are located the ruins of five Jesuit missions: San Miguel de las Misiones (Brazil), San Ignacio Miní, Santa Ana, Nuestra Señora de Loreto and Santa María la Mayor (Argentina).

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Best Seasons:From March to November
Popular Location:Iguazu Falls, Ibera Wetlands, Misiones Rainforest, Mocona Falls, Jesuitic Ruins, Posadas

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