Nat. Santos (Portugal)

How are you and how is this B.Aires intense and booming? Beautiful for those who go from the outside exciting and who are fascinated to discover it now fast and fervent in the confusion of the motorways or quiet and provincial in the neighborhoods that surround it and that, at the same time, compose it! I think that traveling for a second time to B. Aires, I confirmed what I felt since the first – this city is familiar to me! As if you already saw her !!
I like the essence of the ensemble but more for the particularity of being both so grand and contemplating, in the midst of the confusion, spaces of tranquility, artisan markets as creative as they are original; the cult of socializing in the squares on sunny days, drinking
Mate, a city alive and full of youthful energy. The bookstores that fascinated me now that I knew more, just as they fascinated me two years ago! I bought children’s storybooks for my 4-year-old niece because here in Portugal, the option of studying the Spanish language has already taken effect in schools.
Beautiful things that the Universe has allowed me to do and experience and also to meet such interesting and genuine people!
I loved everything. Only the chaos of traffic sometimes made me wish that this city was not so huge!
Iguazu was beautiful except for that hotel conflict and that’s also why I come to thank you for your attention for the way they found, in a way, compensating me for the less positive energy I went through.
Iguaçu was transcendental where I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people as well.
Thank you so much for everything you did for me.
Until one of these days, I hope soon. Kiss for you dear Natália.
Tabien bebo Mate!
PS. when you come to Portugal please inform me,

Nat. Santos (Portugal)
Feng Shui Seminar Buenos Aires and Iguazú, Argentina